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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

WOW. What an eccentric year this would be.

Now it is the 2nd week of the 2009's school session. I must admit everything is going not as smoothly as I planned them to be. Starting with my posts in the schools, well, at first I was very happy and grateful since I've got those big posts that I wanted so much. Then, on the 2nd thought, I don't think I can handle everything at once.

On Monday, which is yesterday, I had this prefect meeting with the high committees members of the team. Radhi, and some other form 6 sisters were there. The meeting was said to be held at 1.45 pm, as soon as I had finished with my agama class, but, too my dissapointment, the meeting started at 3.00 pm!! That means I had waited for almost 2 hours for the meeting.

So, the meeting wasn't interesting at all. I was so-exhausted, and homeworks were piling on my shoulders. And, yeah I am no longer the assistant of the head prefect, but I am just the 2nd assistant since the teacher thinks it won't be fair for a form 5 student to hold such a post, because the form 6 sisters are still eligible for the post. So, yeah it is relieving.

I am also the president of kelab pencegahan jenayah (KPJ) like last year. But, the best part was that I can choose my own members. Many of them are my own bestest friends in the school, and that includes my brother.

So, I am now packed. I will be home at late hours, probably the earliest would be at 2.20 pm. Thursday is a recking day, since I have P.E in the morning, and then EST class until 2.20pm, and after that, I have to rush home to get ready for the sports practices. Also, at night I will be having tuition from 8 pm to 10 pm. Nevermind, people, it is the LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL right?

Ok, I need to do my homeworks, still piling, and revisions. Bye:)

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Ashraf said...

Wait I'm konpiused. Does that mean you see your brother as also a friend? Also ada opening lagi tak kat KPJ. Incase the whole moving thing doesn't work out.