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Friday, 23 January 2009

Food Poisoning

Yeah guys! It has been a while since we last met here in "Dayana Speaks". Well, as usual, I am tied with my {awful busy non stop studies-schedule}. I am so tired, I meant it, REALLY TIRED!

On Wednesday, we had co curricular activities at school. I, on the other hand do not like the new scheme of the activities. The first meeting for the first club ( Prefect Club) starts at 1.20 pm after school and finishes at 2.10 pm, then to wait for the uniform club, it only starts at 4.30pm. Dang!! We waited like hippos at the canteen. So, while waiting, Huda, Aina and myself, went to the canteen's new bangladeshi-vendor to buy lunch. We ate rice of course with some dishes, I took a piece of chicken, some fish and some vegies. Huda and Aina didnt take the fish coz they hate fish, so never mind abt tht.

When the activities ended, I went home, and discovered that I was food poisoning. Maybe because of the fish I ate at school. It was no ordinary food poisoning. I vomited several times and I also succumbed with diarrhea. It was so bad, I felt weak and can't sleep for the whole night. So, I didnt attend school on Thursday. Now, I can't even smell the food, if not, I will feel like throwing up. I am just able to drink.

From now, I made up my decision to quit eating in the school's canteen. Hahaha;D. I shouldnt eat the food, its not delicious anyway. What a waste of money right? Yeah! it cost me RM4.50 for what I ate. (*mahal ke*)

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