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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Reasons why i hate sports

You can definitely said that I am soft-boned or rather a sissy kinda girl, yeah, actually I am. I am too girlish, just wish I was a bit of a tomboy.

This year I again, been defeated by my friends, to qualify myself in the pairing team of badminton to MSSD. Well, actually, I already knew this would happened. I have been playing like a cow dung since last year, don't know what're the reasons, but basically, my competitors in the school are becoming better meanwhile I am still at the lame old position. Yeah SHAME ON ME!

I really hate and HATE SPORTS. Why?

#1 sports make me tired, I never blamed it for making me sweat, but I hate being so exhausted

#2 sports always make me frustrated, coz I play games awkwardly, so I don't feel comfortable while playing any sports.

#3 sports always need us to be patient. I hate patience. I mean patience in taking good care of our partners' feelings or emotions.

#4 sports always make me feel bad about myself. It avoids me from being the real me. I have to be extra agrrasive and I dont really like that. **Plus big size person like me isn't that good to be 'seen' playing sports. EYESORE PEOPLE!!**

#5 I hate sports' people. While they think they are too good in certain games, they think they can act snobbishly in front of me. Including my friends. BOO THEM!!

#6 LAst BUT NOT LEAST, I despise the moment when friends can get into some childish fights just because we lost something. C'mon its only a game not a game FOR LIFE!

Whatever it is, I STILL hate sports. Just hate it hate it. And should I repeat? No I think. My mom always said that even how good we are in sports, they can't really determine our next step to the good future. Yeah, I am more like mom now. For badminton, I wont quit, but will just hate it.



hfz_hdz said...

hahahahaha...... EYESORE !!
btw, it's true....
just stick become your mom... :)

syu_danee said...

yeah...that's right..
i agree with u...
sports make me feel exhausted...
n for people like me...
i look awful when i play bcoz
i really can't play at all
except for chess..haha..

Anonymous said...

yeah...that's right..
i agree with u..
sports really makes me feel
n for people like me..
i look awful when i play..
except for chess..i like it..=)