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Monday, 26 January 2009


I just granted off my promise to finish up some work on additional math, and last night I had a blast with my dad. He is now my accounting teacher. Yeah people, u got me. I will take account papers for SPM, without really learn the chapters in form 4. And when I told my friends, basically the best of them, about my decision to add one extra subject without dropping any of the subjects I already wished to take for SPM, you can definitely imagine how their mouth opened wide as in shock.

People said I am arrogant, a showing off kinda person because, I take an extra subject for the sake of my popularity at school. Whatever. They are gifted with tongues and mouths that enable them to eat and speak, so what do I care.

So, I came online again, and this is barely my ample time. Even though I dont really have any important things to do on the net, I just like to keep myself stuck to internet. It's already a part of my life. I received a comment from Eliza in friendster, asking me when will I get my SPM result. And here came the question marks. Eliza and I went to school together, and we just known each other for a couple of months. And, confirmly, she knew that I am now in form 5, and will be sitting for spm this very year, but she still thought I am already passed 17. How bad is that?

Nevermind about that. Today I want to wish a happy chinese new year, to whomever who celebrate this reddish celebration. Gong Xi Gong Xi. And I just remember that I only have one chinese friend, called Chiam, so happy ox's day. Anyhow, I am now thinking of activities that I can run for the Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah which I am conducting right now. I am thinking of fund raising for the Palestinians. Something involve crimes would do. Will be brought into the meeting room to discuss with Pn Azlina, whom is now the advisor. Wish me luck.

Now, I really want to tell u about some recent events I had been encountering with. Well, I have this friend, whom is from London, and she is yes, a MALAYSIAN. She is currently a prefect now, and well, during the first prefect's meeting, we have to suggest some activities that we want to do for the whole year. This friend of mine on the other hand, suggested things that high classed people do. U know. Like horse riding, ice skating and etc. I dont know, I also like these things, but as I am not affordable so I havent did any of these. Maybe she has, a lot of times. But, she has to understand the condition of our kids. We are not well-off. We are middle class. So let us do middle class activities. Sounds pathetic isnt it? Well, this is what happen when u pursue u middle education in somewhat government schools. We have no money. Yeah, no money, and we have to find sponsors, and yeah, like I have so much time to look for sponsors?

The truth is I really want things to go smoothly. But, bad things came at the end. It is sad. Oh, wait, be optimistic. And, most of the guys in my class thought that I am an optimistic girl. Thanks guys:) At last some people sooth me. Well, I am not, in exact. So, to my friend who read this, sorry for open up stories abt u.


farhana zain said...

yeah, being optimistic really helps when ur down, sometimes.

hfz_hdz said...

optimistic, the word in my life dict the I always want to practice but never become like that....
btw, looking and reading to your post, I really know that you are an optimistic girl, also your post on