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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Cruel Israelis

Its a fact that Israelis are cruel. To everyone's information, their so-called country or land the one they mentioned as ISRAEL, actually never existed. You can check the map. There is "ISRAEL", the one that truly exist is PALESTIN.

I have been reading the Quran with the translation all these whiles, and yes, I could not doubt that our god ALLAH ALMIGHTY used to loved the Jewish (bangsa yahudi) but they are never satisfied. They are greedy and they are always meant to be hatred by ALLAH due to their selfishness and their awful behaviours.

What we see in our television at home, are only the small parts of their endeavours. They want to ruin Palestinians' life even though those people are living in their own motherland. They even claimed that Masjidil Aqsa is theirs, and putting up barrier to separate Gaza and Tel Aviv. This is all because they will never had a motherland on their own. They are made to search for it, as said in the Quran. They are actually nomads, whether they like it or not.

Babies are in pain, mothers are grieving because they lose their sons and daughters in front of their eyes, fathers lose their jobs, schools collapse, medicines are lacking, the Palestinians are flooded with blood. Yet, their perseverances and patience are what caught our attention and should be learnt by us all. They chanted "ALLAHUAKBAR" everytime they are in hurt as they know good days will finally come to them, and those killers, the ISRAELIS will soon having their consequences.

Unfortunately, are we ready to help those in needs? The answer is no. I can't even say that I am, because what I could do is just pray for them. But, the big nations, like the Egypt and the Saudi Arabia, they are those "powers" that could help Palestinians for the meantime. They. themselves reluctant to give ways for the Palestinians to run, what they care is their own sake of safety. So, what's this? Muslims help muslims, not just look and sigh! What I see now is that those richies in the Arabs only care about their businesses in buying those ineternal giant Soccer Clubs. Get real tok arab~~!

Boycotting is the only way, although it is just a slight of our effort in keeping ISRAELIS at par. Yet, we can't do much, as we're still empowered by those Americans' products which of good qualities. We can't blamed them for being in advance and for having powers in our daily life. So what can we actually do? Mcdonald's, KFC, Burger King, Nestle, Revlon, and those products that we usually have in our homes are now must keep at bay. Tesco and Carrefour are no longer places where we can go for leisure shopping, because one cent we paid for these products or these markets, meant that, we are buying one bullet to bleed our Palestinians.

And above all, this is actually the omen. Omen of the end of the day. It is drawing nearer, and are we ready? Ask our faith. Help the Palestinians!

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Anonymous said...

elo dayana, I disagree with you about the Israelis.Not all of the Israelis are mean.In fact some of the prophet came from Bani Israel.
P/s:Israel not the Jews