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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Jeng 3x

Alhamdulillah, now I am in the second stage of year 1 at USM-KLE. Been occuppied with the Selanjar 1 or the Continuous Assessment One which was of utmost important for the past 1 month and then I can happily bid farewell to Mumbai or formally known as Bombay. 

Yesterday, the freaking result has come out. It was merely an okay result with no reason to cry either because it's too good or too bad. I would say I am in the middle. Seeing how my lousy effort had bring me to somewhat a comfort zone, I must now work harder as well as smarter to get things really like what I targeted for. But, Hey! It's not foundation anymore where I would get scared if the result won't turn out good and lead me to the misery of not being offered to medicine. Even if you get C as long as you don't fail which you get marks lower than 50%, you are already in the safe zone (not comfort). Medical school is all about being able to proceed to the proceeding years, but of course it would be superbly better if we can achieve distinction, right?

For myself to get a distinction, I need a quite, near to the beach resort where I can study without distractions either from the night meetings and other things. I also need more time. Thus, it's a drench for a slow pickup like me to get distinction like most of the ex-PASUM mates I have here.

To be frank, I am jealous. Those who got distinction or A in other words are kinds of person you would adore.  One of them is a cheorographer, another is a brilliant singer, a keyboard-ist, a clown class and the list of amazing talented people they are. Sigh....for one moment, I feel like nobody.

Haha. But, life goes on. The battle has just started. I shall not fall. 


fawz@n said...

congrats dayana :D
btw sorry i didnt reply to ur text that night.was in a meeting,plus kredit pun kong :p

Calvin Charles said...

OMG, ok lah tu. I feel so terrible. I think mine is stressful than yours. In terms of study. :( tired...