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Sunday, 18 December 2011


Medicine always involves arts. And they are always too artistic.

Do you know your brain is the 'leader' for most of your body functions?

Currently, in the mode of learning all about the brain, and its colonies like the cerebellum, pons, medulla oblongata, the midbrain and what not the spinal cord. 

And do you know that the spinal cord is much more like a long octopus? Well, it looks like an octopus to me, and it's actually very soft. Despite its softness, the spinal cord is also a major part in providing routes for the ascending and descending tracts of our nerve fibers to the cerebral cortex. And yes, cerebral cortex is at the cerebrum. And we have another baby brain called the cerebellum, just behind the pons and medulla oblongata.

And for the pain and touch sensation, we have this tract called ascending tract which ascend to the sensory HOMENCULUS of the cerebral cortex. Here is the beauty and magnificence of the brain where the nerve fibers travel via the ascending tract as Lateral Spinothalamic Tract, ascend to the last destination; the sensory homenculus. But what is HOMENCULUS that I am bragging about right now??

Sensory homenculus is an area, which resembles the part of the body in an upside down manner. Like what you can see in the above picture. The upper/anterior brain resembles your genitals then the most posterior or the part below resembles your viscera and upper body parts like pharynx. So lets say you prick the finger region on the homenculus, then the pain sensation is felt on the finger. Magic isn't it? This is what you call the magnificence of the brain. This part is also called the Muller's Doctrine of Sensory Nerve Energies. Hah, amek kau! :D

Oh, I would like to mention about the law of projection too. (Tetibe mood rajin)

Happiness is somehow a mindset

So the law of projection lies closely with the route of sensation. Let say one person is now amputated. He has no foot now. But then he said to his friend he felt itchness on his toes and foot, is this normal? Yes. This is what we call the law of projection, where the sensation of the same place along the similar nerve route will be felt even though the original place where the sensation has to be felt is no longer exist. This is mainly because the nerve now has been exposed. That causes the itchness. 

Well, folks...that's all for today. I was about to write about Mumbai. But then again, the travelogue plan is now 'amputated' because no good photos to show. People will only read travelogue with photos not merely long sentences which will make everybody puke. So long people. I got so many things to cover. It's sad to be a fast-catch up kid but an easily-forgotten student. Everything is very volatile for me T.T

>>p/s: Dapat B to bodoh sangat ke? <<


arif_sahimin said...

hello!! B tu dah kira hebat la nak dibandingkan dgn saya punye C okay!! hahahaha.. :p

arif_sahimin said...

hello!! dapat B tu dah kira hebat nak dibandingkan dengan aku punye C okayy..hahahahah! :p