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Sunday, 17 June 2012


Assalamualaikum people who are willing to come to this petty place of sometimes wonderful but most of the time nonsense blabbering. 

Today, is Saturday and alhamdullilah praised to Allah All Mighty for making me to wake up early so that I didn't miss the practical revision for microbiology. I must say microbiology is superb and every microbiologists are geniuses. To study about a creature, an organism that is even smaller than the smallest dot you can make with your pen is awesome. After microbiologist come those pathologist who deals with the microorganisms and try to figure out what disease it might have caused. Just breath taking when you can actually start to ponder how Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek the Father of Microbiology started to figure out all of these, thanks to Robert Koch as well; as because of the knowledge Allah had gifted him; that today most of the culturing technique for parasites (except viruses) can be done at the laboratories worldwide. 

Also today, I did something I am so proud off, which is the acid-fast staining for the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The procedure involved a lot of dyes where in lab we called them stains. Only with particular stains, we are able to see these minute creatures under the microscope. To see virus, you need an electron microscope. Then, also to note that mycobacterium tuberculosis gives about the well-known disease Tuberculosis which is an air-borne disease; so during the practical session, every one was so scared that they might get infected. 

For me to do the staining is a very fun thing. Luckily, we didn't have to prepare the smear for the microorganisms, otherwise it would be cumbersome. Making smears is the most difficult practical I ever encountered. Requires a very delicate movement of the hand to make super duper layer of smearing. Argh, I hate that! But today, a slide of mycobacterium tuberculosis was given. And we have to make sure we put the correct amount of stains, at the precise time so that it won't affect the bacteria. Plus, heating it is required, but it is very dangerous because it's easily boiled. I almost boiled mine though and all my friends laugh. 

To be frank, most of the colleagues who attended today's practical revision was too scared to do the staining. Only 5 students including me that took the chance: Ryan, Safwan, Hazirah, Harisah and I. Hahaha. After staining, then rinsing, then staining again and heating: what we got to do is to dry under hot flame and not blotting it up with paper. 

Under the microscope, it's very hard to get a clear view. Sometimes, the slides aren't dried properly; thus it will give off water bubbles. Luckily, today: after the hurdle (cewaah) the laboratory technician praised my staining and said it's a very good one. What a good starter for Saturday. Happy, very very happy after tiresome week. 
isn't this beautiful: the pinkish rod thingy indicates there mycobacterium tuberculosis. TEHEE:D

The other friends did a good job too, just I think mine is better (LOL-Joking). Anyhow, the practicals have to be remembered as any thing could come up for OSPE in Pro examination. And you know: I have a big big examination that will determine whether or not I can stay her for another 4 years : yes! the pro exam is looming. 

I must say that I will be quite for sometimes. Keep calm and remember Allah. Hasbunallah Wani'malwakil. I just can't wait for ramadhan as well as the moment to go home. See you in Malaysia, insyaAllah!! 

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Calvin Charles said...

Dayana! You ambik Microbiology ehh sem ni? Guess what I'm taking 'em too. Haha! Wow, belajar jugak Acid-fast staining and all those nonsense staining. All the best!