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Friday, 29 June 2012

Hujung Tanduk

Fine people. Rumor has it. I mean it's not a rumor any more, but this is the fact. The fact that our pro examination is being forward to an earlier date. The 16th of July to be precised. 

This is super shocking and choking us to death. (Ok exaggerating) But seriously? Why did all of these changes? It was okay at first, it was fine at first. The new schedule makes us puke blood. And torture I must say, for me literally.

This should be our original schedule for pro exam. Which I think runs smoothly and just nice to note that most of the students bought our flight ticket on 1st August. If it finishes by 19th, what are we gonna do here for 2 weeks? Nak buat kuih raya ke???

I already contact the USM Kubang Kerian's behalf, and they told me, they will stick to the original schedule. Okay, then why change ours. Straight a week without any gap in between is so cruel to the brain, to the soul. Lol, again I am exaggerating.

Nevertheless, if we have to stick to the new schedule, let's pray that we all can do it well. Nothing we can do rather than rely on the power of Allah All Mighty.

>>p/s: why did I complaint about this? If Allah said Kun Fa Ya Kun, then it happens. Why should I care to burden my head with this? Astaghfirullahalazzim<<

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::RnR:: said...

dah padat macam ikan tuna jah..haha
USM kenapa? attachment dekat sana ke?
hoho, insyallah lambat atau dekat kau boleh buatlah punya^^