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Monday, 25 June 2012

You don't see, it's boring

Yeah people. I think I need a camera. I am saving up either for a new camera phone, or an Ipod Touch or The New Ipad. Sigh...can't make the choice. You see blogging, is such a bore without the ability to post good photos. Especially when I really really wanna post about life her in India, the difference and the similarities. 

Thinking about it making me insane, (not literally). So, after thoughts and thoughts, I would rather go to Malaysia and buy. Lame la me wanna post it here. Not to mention, now that there's a voyager group; where I have to plan on travelling abroad and introduce USMKLE to the world, and have to make video out of my journey; thus having a camera is vital. 

Sigh, the orang-kaya type of group they make. It's important as to get global merit, as what they said it before. Without hesitance, yes! everyone is now planning to go somewhere, out of India and Malaysia. Tak main la Bandung! (*amat berlagak*)

Okay, bye2 off to study. Lotsa things I forgot. And this is just not right. :/

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