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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sweet Talker

Assalamualaikum dear readers: whether those who I know and who I don't. Thanks for dropping by:)

So, it has been quite a hectic month of late May and June. Why? Well, the reason behind this is because I've been engulf and involved with the Sidang Redaksi Team; we called it for short as SIDRED. 

Sidred is a team which has been formed to finish up a magazine. A university's magazine for USM-KLE. Actually the idea of having our own magazine came out since we first embark in Belgaum. But during the early stage where the students community of USMKLE was formed, Prof KJ; our deputy dean didn't give us the green light to start on doing something for the magazine. Soon, when the time became constricted and the final examination is looming; only then the old man decided that we should make one magazine.

Thus, even though it's a dilemma to choose between the time constraint and Prof KJ's request, it's still a must to  make this magazine a reality. He want it to be a legend, 'BIG' and the most memorable piece of art. Not just any magazine; but he wants it to be International. That's the tough part when you just have less than a month to complete everything: from photos and artpieces from the students. 

The dateline was actually on the 31st May. So by that, the articles should be enough and the photos should have been edited. I am on the other hand, chose to be among the sponsor team. Of course, to make things look International: you have to get the best Printing/Publication company. Thus, it was my job with other 3 members to find some sponsors around Belgaum.

Indeed, to ask money from the Belgaumi is a tough job. You need to be very pleasant and very confident in promoting the university you are attending. We did came out with a strategy; which is by selling advertising slots in the magazine. Before going for the price range: we must consider how their mindset is. These people are not rich, and most of the shops are owned as family businesses. So, we must be extra careful not to put a price too high neither too low.

It was such a bestowed journey: when Alhamdulillah, my friend and I; just the two of us, succeeded to collect Rs8000 in a day, and the amount kept increasing till now. Some of the business men who gave us the sponsors wouldn't want their shops to be advertised and gave us the money as a money to help between muslims. I am touched. Alhamdulillah again.

Also being in a team brings about many troubles in between. For example; during the first two trips we made around Belgaum; we didn't have a bank account; thus people seemed not to trust us regarding our project. Not to mentioned, sometimes there's no pen and one of team member refused to join and engulf in finding for sponsors.

Nevertheless, it was quite an amazing experience, going to and fro, from shops to shops: being a sweet talker, to make the businessmen to have the confident to advertise their shops was quite challenging. You have to have the best smiles and the best words uttering from your mouth. You have to be brag extensively about USM KLE, which I think one of my expertise. LOL

In spite of that, it was fun because I joined it with my roommate: the person whom I feel the most comfortable to tag along with since start. Santhana is our new friend: he is 28 years old and now second year in MD USM. He's a good leader but sometimes he relies on us too much, as he says: Women have the power on men. LOL

Oh before I forgot: actually the magazine once done: will be given to USM main campus and PPSP in Kubang Kerian. MARA: our sponsors: will also get some copies, even the HOD in USMKLE, plus our full-page sponsors too. So we are going to make many copies of it. I do not know how it will look like: but hopefully it turns out great. 

P/S: Who ever wanna contribute to the magazine can contact me at : or Twit me. The price for each copy is Rs300 around RM 15. 

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