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Friday, 14 November 2008

Yep!! Summer time.

Ok. We dont generally have summer in Malaysia, but we all knew, Summer in other countries is the same as a long break of school holidays. And, I want to inform u that it is now the end year holiday. Yahoo!!!:) {oh wait, we do have summer, the hot weather}

Alright, I guess the last day of school wasn't bad after all. We did operations on the digestive tracts of non-ruminant animal, which is the chicken of course, and yes, we smell like chickens. Then, we took out the digestive organs of the chicken including the rectum. Yucks!! So, yeah it did smell terrible.

And, as for the chicken flesh, well, we keep it for the class party tomorrow, at 11 am, please do come if u can. So, yes, there will be a barbecue, a big gigantic chicken barbecue event at the agricultural science's workshop. Hooray!!! I am gonna be fatter and fatter after this. For the pictures of this event, maybe I'll be loading them tomorrow, I am kinda no mood plus I am now keep thinking of SPM already....haha:(

One more thing, I want to congratulate my one and only little sister, dalilah ashikin, for her UPSR results. Yeah, she's got 5A's. And I am happy to see she's smiling once again, because when she smiles she makes my heart dances with bliss and grace.

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Ashraf said...

Well at least SOMEONE enjoy hari last diorang... Congrats to ur lil' sis though