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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What happens when MOM acted like DAUGHTER and vice versa?

Great, now I had miss the 5 Jingga Malaysia's Teen Series aired on 8tv, thanks to my hectic life revising for the past 3 weeks. Anyhow, I am still ok actually, because, I now, can sit back and relax, and watch the GILMORE GIRLS on show, which is at its 6th season this time round. Yay!!

I have always like Gilmore Girls, (well, I can't pronounce it as GG, because it would be thought as Gossip Girl) so, yeah, back to the point, this drama, or soap opera, or series, is a remedy for me. Thanks God, its airing at 9.30 pm, not too early and not to late, so I can watch it without worrying of having rackoon-eyes in the next morning.

But, this time round, Gilmore Girls, evolves, I mean still evolves around Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai is the young-energetic mother and her beautiful, timid, excellent daughter, is of course Rory. Yesterday, what I saw, was that, Lorelai proposed her long time boyfriend Luke. I hate Luke, whom is the most disgusting and annoying and boring boyfriend anyone could have.

And, Rory, is having a big problem. I dont know what actually happened, but Rory was pleaded guilty for doing violences. I dont know what had she done, but I must say, its a big case. Rory, now, living with her prestigious elite grandma and grandpa is seeking for help from a renowed attorney. Too bad, Rory will have to bear 300 hours of communtiy service, plus she will be having criminal records in her life. This will ruin her life forever!! And, she as Yale's student, will loosing dignity forever.

The odd thing in yersterday's episode was that, Lorelai, didnt even showed up at the court whilst Rory was in her big predicament. What mom will ever do that? Never showed courage and efforts toward her daughter is a big crime!!! Rory, I see, was very sad with her mom.

Lorelai, had always acted "slumber", without any sense of worrying of her daughter. Can u imagine what did she said when Rory was expected to be quitting from Yale? She said,

"let her be, she wants to a grown up".

That is so mean. I meant, any mom must not do that. Not everyone can go to Yale. It is the most prestigious school in the world.


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