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Monday, 10 November 2008

This time I should just lowered my sight

Uh and Ah! The exclamations that I probably have been doing since 9 am this morning. And why?

Firstly, I got the highest marks for BM, maybe u think I can shout happily above the cloud, but the result wasnt satisfying. I got 77%, maybe its a B in some schools, but here, in KU, its an A1. SIgh, one word, try harder!

Then, we got math and add math. How demolish my feeling is now, when I, just obtained 83% for my modern math, and 61% a B, A BIG B, for my add math. Argh!!! This day was just terrifying, horrifying, and horrible!! Now, my points are just a bit far from Chiam. Damn.

Anyhow, I dont want to be pessimistic towards all these. Allah himself wanna show something to me. To show that there are many others out there who can do better than me, and I never take notice about that, as I've been very arrogant these whiles.

I need to have more efforts and determinations. SPM is looming. Nearer and nearer. Aiming must be accomplished. And, last, what I would like to say, is GOOD LUCK to SPM candidates 2008, especially to the one I care the most. I pray for all of u, and I hope u'll pray for me too later.

so long now.:)

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Naqib said...

Lol yeah. My marks are dropping too. Especially Add Maths. I'm quite disappointed, but quite relieved after getting the results. Okay la. Lol. We had 2 papers and the questions are not easy.

You got the highest you should be proud of it, unlike me haha. Yeah, we should lower our gaze. I think I was being arrogant too. It really kills.

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