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Friday, 7 November 2008

Is this what we call freedom, freedom as in STUDENTS' minds?

At last, freedom in hands. The examination called end year exam, is now over. Three weeks of struggling really made the whole body sickened and weak. I need some remedy for it, remedy for the exhausted soul.

Fine, maybe I am being too patheticly trying to describe how sad the exam was, but for me, examination is the battle which I need to fight with dignity and with wisdom every single time it comes. And, like most of the people alike me, I am looking for bright azure Aces.

Today, I had these two papers, Agricultural Science and EST. I have to admit, these papers was damn kicking the whole soul together. I am so sad that I couldnt answer them all with full wisdom, as I did last minute revisions, and that is a MUST NOT! I hope my EST came out good as I know the teacher wont be satisfied if I didnt get the best marks that she always count on.

Freedom, is this freedom? A temporary one, I supposed. I after this, will be busy, and I hope my hard works paid off. SPM, is now my biggest fear, I hope I'll get those applauses and triumph I've been opting for. Amid all the drawbacks I got from some people who claimed I studied for selfish reasons, for me we have to adapt to the reality. Reality where both academics and cocuricullar activities count.

P/S: Pn Haryati will be moving sad.....

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Ashraf said...

I thought this was an entry about somethin' else (freedom of speech in school etc.). Maybe I've been watching the news too much..