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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Summary of 2008's school's life.

Hah. Tears running down with a sigh, and a bit of happiness. (yeah, its sad and joy at a time). And, why am I suppose to feel this way?

Well, as u can see, 2008 wasn't my best year. Many bad and good things happened. I cry and laugh and whatever. So, school life was just the same, maybe mine, wasn't as interesting or better than anyone of all of you out there, but I guess, there are something to be reminisced of.

The first puppy love, the sad story of me of not getting a place in some prestigious schools, and the hectic life I have to gone through with other form 4 kids will be playing inside my head. Ah, those memories....which I wish to end quickly, already ended and I feel relieved.

As for teachers, I love all my teachers. They have been such wonderful persons I ever found in my life. Puan Suzyana, my BM teacher, I love her coz' she can made us understand fully of Bahasa Melayu and sorry for many mistakes I had done. I didnt have the slight opportunity to kiss u on the cheek and bid goodbye as u'll soon be going to Kuantan. Only if u can read this. As for my Agricultural Science Teacher, Puan Haryati, u're such a great form teacher, and ur great personality as a teacher will be engraved forever here in myself. Thanks.

Lastly, I will also be missing my friends whom will be leaving too, those who are taking SPM, PMR and those who will be following their families. I've been such a lousy and bad friend for you guys. I'm sorry. I am not perfect, so forgive me. And also, bye to 2008, 2009 will appear with big highlights and suprises. Just have to get ready for the next step to adulthood.

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