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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Class Party 08

15th Nov 2008, and we the 4 Amanah had this barbecue event like I said earlier. Yeah, the party was fun on the second thought but last year was better I guess.
So, I came to school early. Yeah, the party was held at school, in the agro workshop, the best place to have a barbecue event. I was supposed to come at nine, but ended up at 9;30 am, why? well, I had hard choices on what to wear, the common prob faced by a lot of teens out there. At last I wore, something very green, as the theme of the party was green. And, yeah I meant it guys, I was OVER GREENED! {ah, such a bad day}
I went together with Chiam, and she wore this futuristic kinda attire, and she looked awesomely fanstastic. What do u expect people, slim people can wear anything good! ~sigh~ *bunyi katak...*I brought a long my laptop, (which actually belongs to my mom) for the party, well the organizer, needed one, and I willingly to help. So nevermind about that.
When we arrived, a loud noise spilled out, "Weyh apasal lambat!?" yelled Chris (the organizer). I was like, man just 30 minutes late, how is that so bad? Hahaha. Before that I went to the nearby shop and get two soda drinks, one was Zappel and Pepsi, and as soon as I put those bottles on the table at the party everyone headed to them and opened them up, and started drinking. They must be so thirsty, and yeah, the zappel ran out so quickly. what to say? My friends are thirsty-monsters.
We thought we were late, but actually nothing was ready. The chickens were still in the fridge, and they took 20 minutes to be taken out from the fridge, as they had freezed. Luckily, Bob was in town, and helped us. *Bob is so nice eventhough he's not my closest buddy* ~and he is thin now~ The chickens took another 30 minutes to defrost, and we were like, damn, when could we eat these fat chickens?? Chiam was already starving by then. I calmed her down and to make the time passed, Chiam was the one who roasted the chickens. *rajin jugak ye?*
At 11 am, Amir, Irwan, Luqman, Hazman, and this red pant-Aiman arrived. We assumed them as V.I.P's from Mars. Amir was ok at least, as he quickly came to help us with the chickens. We were so amazed by Aiman's pants yesterday. It was freaking red. I remembered those rock stars wearing that. I was like, "nasib baik muke lawa, pakai apa pun ok". Hahaha:) *yeah, aiman is a cute guy, no doubt*
Around 12 pm, we started the real party. The game. Yeah, the first game was music chairs, the baby-donky game that I always play in many years of life. I lost, lost to Amir. Damn!! and the winner went to Nina, the most outrageous girl I ever met and befriend with. Next, it was water and balloons time. We needed to take good care of four balloons, which means, we can't let any one of them, breaks. So, I was in the first group which was consisting, of Amir, Azmin, Madihah, Durrah and of course moi. At last, we had to competed with the 2nd group, which was consisting of Fathin Syamimi, Nina, Irwan, and others, and they won. SO SAD
:( and I was soaking wet, coz my balloon breaks and it ruined my cellphone. Thanks a lot to Madihah:(
After that, there's a game where we need to listen to the songs being played and tell what is the title and the singer who sang that song. My team won second, the winner is the 4th team, Aiman;s and Huda's team. Man, they are good, really good, but only when it comes to songs. hehehe, *jgn marah*
We realised it was already late, and by 2 pm, we hurriedly, cleaned out all our mess. It was a terrible mess. The whole worked ended at 4 pm, and we also had this chance to bid farewell to my class teacher, Pn haryati who came along as well. I almost bursted into tears, but no i wont. I hope I did lol, because it will be dramatic.*but I just didnt, coz I am so cool~~
So, thats all for the year, sweet sixteen year. Not so sweet though, but I must admit, the fun is enjoyable. We rocked the party, and I felt glad. Oh, before I stop typing, I just want to remind you that, pictures of the party will be posted tomorrow, as they re in my cellphone and my cellphone is now rest in peace *meaning: rosak*. Now, I realised that NOKIA still is the best brand-and friendly user phone.
So, see ya later.
*tgh sedih...hp rosak*

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Farah Ismail said...

sounds great !
my class takde party pon
i miss you guys soo sooo soooooooooooo much ;-(

eheem i pon ade complicated choosing my own outfir bile kelua. alaa, you lawa la syg :D