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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Fake Versus Real-can u tell they're real or fake?

I've been apologizing to my lil' sis the whole day as I, the most boring sister had just made her disappointed. Why?

Well, its actually quite simple, firstly, yesterday she went to KL to send in her MRSM stupid-form (yeah I have grunge towards MARA) but I didn't follow her due to some laziness problems I've got. Secondly, she's mad because I again, failed to grant my promise on taking her to the cinema to watch whatever movie she wants to watch, and that is because I'm afraid I'll lose my savings. Duhh...I'm so stingy people, my big problem now.

Anyhow, I, forgot about my "extra English class" with my best friend, too who's now an english teacher. Damn, what a student am I? I bet u can tell it for yourself.

So, I actually have something to share, again from my mail box, can u tell whether they're real or fake?? Because due to modernity that we're facing, they're so many modern voodos that can make real thing fake and otherwise. Talking about humans getting smarter? Yeah, using the smart platform to cheat people is kinda cool, but on second thought, its burdening some authorities.(Tsunami attacked Phuket, Thailand-real!)

(This is fake-tourist ontop building on 9/11 US under attack)

(A real-looking street painting-REAL!)

(BIGGEST dog-a LIE!)

(Indoor Ski Dubai- REAL!)

(SKY resembled god's hands?-FAKE)

(big spider found in IRAQ-a fake!)

(u might think its a fake-but this is A REAL boat)

(shark's attact-a fake!)

(cruelty in fashion, I like, and its REAL)

(Nebula, resembles human's eye- REAL)

(This is the real garfield-world's biggest cat-REAL)

(wacky drunk-alike building-and its real!)

(space shuttle exploded captured by satellite cam-FAKE)

and last but not least

(giant crocodile found in CONGO-and its REAL!)

so thats all for now
time to get some knowledge of physics
and see ya again tomorrow
if I found myself yet alive.


Ashraf said...

I guessed most of it right! By the way, what's your beef with MARA if you don't mind me asking?

Dayana Azhar said...

hmm...something very sad. about not getting a place in mrsm, thts y!!