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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

buang masa posting

ok, I'm not actually the kind who like posting about lousy stuff, but today, I just feel like it. I am now waiting for my end year exam's result to knock me off. I am nervous. Plus, I am waiting for myself to be ready for my cousin to be tutoring me for physics.

holidays mean nothing to me. holidays ke tak holidays ke sama je. the same boredom, the same sickness. yeah, I'm sick. I have been influenced by this novel called 'Veronica Decides To Die' which tells about a girl named Veronica whom has a terrible mental disorder. Yeah, I think I'm Veronica now. Silly me.

well, actually I do have some work to be done. Like finishing my rockets, which I certainly feel like not doing, add math, and more. Waiting for my bio teacher to at least annouce us when could she be having those extra classes of biology that she had promised earlier is such a wasting of time.


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Ashraf said...

Dayana, the book and the character is spelled with a "K" id est Veronika. On a side note: aku pun suka Paolo Coelho. My faviorite is The Alchemist.