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Sunday, 23 November 2008

If this is our world, how will the heaven looks like?

I'm getting bored this summer, looking at both mom and dad, they looked extremely tired, so I reckoned that they just need to stay at home, I won't bother them this time. As for my friends, I did some text messaging, but they also didn't give me any responds so, I guess they're out of credit, or just need some privacy.

As I opened up my mail box, I found something intriguing to the mind. They're pictures that symbolize how beautiful our world is, and if we already live in the beautiful world, how would heaven be like? It must be better right? So, here, I felt grateful to be created as a human, the most perfect creature that GOD has ever made. If I were never born to this world, I would never had the chance to see the beautiful creations he had made for us humans to think about HIS greatness.(the sakura blossom in Japan)

(autumn in Germany)

Salzburg Austria-beautiful city(Neuschwannstein, King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria, Germany)

(the famous Disneyland's castle)

(The edge of the glacier-cool huh?)

(The pretty face of Tibet)

(Earthbound Rainbow)

(this is how Tundra looks like)

(Lavender at the foot of the mountain)

(wow!!I've always wanted to go to this kind of place)

(make a wish-this is a comet scene)

Ok, thats all I guess. See, now we realize the world is beautiful although in certain parts, but still a wonderful place to live in. We see how amazing are the creations of God, and how incredible humans can build something brilliant. So, how will the heaven be like? Anyone can go to heaven if they abide certain rules. I am sure, we will reach heaven one day, and it sure will be better than the above pictures.

~I wish I can drive, have cash, and can fly~
~Too bad I can't, so I just blog things out~


NaDWaN said...

fuh..t'pesona den..

wacanoe said...

Well actually the moon and star island is a fake...its edited by photoshop..

the Island is actually Molokini situated mereley around can google it though... ^_^

Ashraf said...

Makes me think of that Coldplay song "Beautiful World".