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Friday, 11 April 2008

They hate me!!

A bunch of girls in my class now hating me for something. Its about BM class, well on last wednesday, there was BM class, where we should be in the Computer Lab. These bunch of girls were nowhere to be found coz they were helping puan Fazila at the library doing some ridiculous jobs.

Then, the BM teacher got furious over them coz they were truanting the class. She asked one of us to tell to the girls that the she wanted to see them at the staff room. Well, when we came back to the class, they were there, gigling about their nonsense girlish stuff which I didnt bother one bit. My friend christina (I think) told them that puan suzi the Bm teacher was mad and wantedd to see one of them. But, I dont know whether they take notice or vice versa.

Fine, then today, there was BM class, and Puan Suzi got mad again coz the girls didnt try to see her the other day. The teacher went like this:-

"Dayana, mereka sudah dibagi tahu bukan?"

I answered, "YES, dah"

One of the girl, was very furious over me. Coz I made them insulted in front of the class by Puan Suzi the whole period of BM session. They had to stand and cant sit. Now, I feel guilty. Ah....them its not my fault, ok Yes some of it was my fault. I myself dont know. Currently, they look at me with their wizened eyes. How bad could this be???

Should I apologize for something that i dont know whether I am the one who should be the blame??? this is tough

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