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Saturday, 12 April 2008

my busy-macy schedule on set!

I am just 15 and not even sixteen yet, somehow, I am stick to this busy schedule of mine. Let take a glance:

Monday: School. Then, I have BIO class which will make my friends and I return home so late.

Tuesday: Again school. And yes, BI class at the end of the school session. Hope Puan Thava in a good mood.

Wednesday: So this Wed, I will not be around, going to Sg Congkak for a picnic, eh no-no, actually a commodity service, or so call civic project. I dont wanna go!!!

Thursday: A big day, and maybe will be a lot fun. well. one thurs, my friends and I will be joining EDUBOX multimedia class. Actually, just want the free programmes on CD.

Friday: Love it coz less time at school, hate when there is SP class at two.

Saturday: PHYSIC TUITION in the morn. also ADD MATH class at 9.20 pm

NO TIME to enjoy....
tears pouring....


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