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Thursday, 3 April 2008


thursday, a tiring day coz I have 3 electif classes. and each of them lasted for almost 2 hours. VERY TIRING.....
and today, we got Chemistry paper, which yes, I am proud of myself, as I obtained the highest 92%!!!. Puan Badria flattered me all the time by telling I am very intelligent and all those nice words. Chirstina got pissed off, and said "wey!kembang laa tuh". Whatever, I didnt blame her though. She was just joking.
I was frustrated with english paper which I only managed to get 77%, many mistakes on the literature section, Sonnet 18. I think there re some problems with the answers' scheme, kick Puan hasnah for this. Well, we almost cry, but pn Thava told us that theres no need to feel sad, coz this was just the first test. Ok...take it as a point. But. yeah, she accepts bribes though, she simply said, " I can increase your marks if you are willing to pay me"...damn Puan thava, she was angry today as there re some students from 4 Amanah whom complained about she likes to scold, and well she is not like that at all. SHE IS A FUN TEACHER!
Fine, for BM I had to read the SYAIr. My pitching errors are all over, nevermind laa..anyway, pur presentation was a mess, coz we only had a book as a source, and there re some mistakes on persoalan, tema and bla22...hate komsas...Puan suzi is a tigress...but still she is the best BM teacher so far. so forgive her for that.
Then recess time, well as I was fasting, so I cant have my lunch with Huda and Chiam so I rushed to my duty-place. Junaidi was waiting well he is the mentor for the team. I saw a friend of mine by the way, looking extremely tired and depressed. I can't believe he as my therapist, can be like that. I don't understand teenagers though, well on the matter of fact, I myself a teenager. Whatever. Oh yeah, I decide to have a caunselling regarding my problems to a real therapist. Maybe he can help me. And yes, Aliya Asyiqin, havent see her for a while. Miss her. Not really miss her, but just wondering when could she be around.
And yes, many people changing. And huda, she is a bit weird, well at Biology class, she said I was trying to find cheap publicity coz I am the only one who manage to send the bio report on time. Haizz....people have doubts on her becoming my best buddy. I miss the time when all my friends hang out at huda's place and eat a lot. theres no more fun, and yes, I will be gone to Kedah in another 2 weeks. Wish me luck, and one more thing I have been selected to be the chairman of the anti-crime club at school. HAizzz... more responsibilities in hand.....

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