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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Last day on desk still people dont wanna talk to me?!

do u know how it feels when you're going to somewhere for a long time, and then, u wish to have some chatting with close clads, but they weren't here?

this is what I am feeling right now. Slightly hurt, bored, dissapointed. However, I am not a mad man, so I don't blame them to not being here. I understand people, in this classy world, have their own important things to do. They're so much fun in this world. Clubbing, Jamming, Eating, Dancing. Skating, Jogging, Chatting, Holiday-ing, Shopping, these are the things people are enduring right now.

And where am I? I am here, home, the paradise of my heart. The only place where I feel secured. Doing ? Nothing, but blogging. PLus, trying to read the minutes of the KPJ (AntiCrime Club)'s meeting minutes. Again dull. Maybe I'll leave in another 1 hour to have some clothes shopping. And in the afternoon, late afternoon, I'll be packing my stuff and tomorrow, ealry in the morning, before everybody wakes up, I will be nowhere to be found.

My friend Husnina, she goes to gigs. Not first time, but it has been her several times. With whom? Alone. Cool huh? How can she be so cool? Coz she befriend with cool people. Am I envying her? Gee, ahhh....I dont know. Maybe and maybe not. I want the past to repeat, the time my friends and I were considered as the best group of bevies ever. Nah....NO one repeat the past. Whats important is the future. And my future will be going to be dull.

I forget about my dull future. That is my guess, and hope it is false. People said I have bright future. And perhaps its true, but in condition, there must be efforts. No efforts, Just die. No one succeed without strong will and efforts. Except those rich lazy bums of the royal families.

So, what is exactly am I concluding here?

>I am going to Sungai Petani Kedah for a week
>last day to be here today, but no one is here. Nevermind (I guess)
>Will be missing classes, and then I will have tonnes of homeworks on desk which will make me stressful
>I am all by myself in Kedah. As the President of ANTI CRIME club, representing the state of selangor.


sss said...

Remember diz..
Kesabaran sebahagian drpd iman!^^

Innaallaha maa'na~

Captain Farah said...

nina pegi gigs?
but i never see her around ?

Nadia said...

aah, wat exactly does the anti-crime club do?