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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Counting The days

One week for tests. Relax is the word I tried to push down to all my veins. This time round, 20% from the marks contribute for final which is just after Raya holidays end. Then, semester 1 will seriously be a history. After that, I will be packing up my things which are in total mess at Room A, R4 for the semester holiday, leaving such a wonderful housemates, for a new troop in Semester 2.

MUET will be the next undertaking that I am going to pursue. Frankly, I have no idea how am I going to perform brilliantly for MUET despite the lack of efforts. Plus, I am fully aware of my weakness on giving talks, I had badly performed during Biology presentation last week in front of 200 B group students. Never have time to do any researches for that particular test, but seriously I must achieve Band 5 for it or not, there goes my dream for life! So, I will start off kick-starting for it. 

Right after MUET, I might want to replenish what is lacking in my life, the one and only- driving license! As an 18 years old, it seems funny for not having your own letter P to stick at the back mirror of your own car. So, I will be going back to driving school, renewing my L license and just take a cool gesture with the gear and clutch AND also the instructor, whom I made mess with. I pray that I could do well during JPJ and stop embarrassing myself in front of the JPJ officers, amin:) Semoga urusanku dipermudahkan oleh Allah Taala:)

Hopefully after all the above have been fulfilled, I could go for a short vacation. Tired of living at the same spot and wanna see other side of the world. Please!

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Anonymous said...

Hello..... May God Bless you for your success.... Fronm Calvin si kecoh