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Friday, 3 September 2010

She left without a note

In the midst of planning so many things to do after I completed Semester 1 by the end of September, and in the midst of struggling for Test 2 which will end tomorrow as well as while down counting the days to go home for Raya.....I received one more allegation from Allah Al Mighty God. It was the saddest incident ever happened in my life, the lost of my good friend Chiam Win Nee. Gosh, even typing down her name made me wanna burst into tears. Two words that I could utter....."DON'T GO"...

By the time Independence Day was celebrated, my best friend in this whole world, Chiam Win Nee had been called by God. She died on the midday of the 31st August 2010 due to asthma attack. I however didn't know she's gone until that night when Huda contacted me, while I was busily revising for the next day's chemistry test. It was the most horrible Independence Day ever...

I was happy to receive the call, it has been such a long time since I talk to her. I smiled, and didn't expect that it was a call informing me about the death of my best friend. 

 "Dayana....awak tahu tak Chiam dah meninggal?...said Huda. Her voice was low, trying to calming down.

"Ya Allah....apa!!?" I just couldn't believe what I've heard...

"Janganlah nangis...."coaxed Huda...

And on the spot, I burst into tears. Litres of tears running down my cheek. I couldn't hide my feeling. It was like having a stabbing knife right down on the chest. It hurts so much, and it still hurt. It was like only yesterday that she was actively online via the Internet, posting how awesome the firework at Genting Highlands was. Knowing that hours later after that post, she was been called to go for eternal, was hard to be accepted. Very hard. I cried and cried outside my apartment at Puncak Alam, just wishing to come home, and be by her side. If only I could reach to Kajang that very night, and be by her side.....and how I wish I were there when she was sick, just be with her for the last time....I wished for many things, but Allah has it all written. HE loves her more, and it is her fate to go at such a young age. As for that, I have to be patient, and just move on....

Chiam Win Nee...was the friend that everyone could have wish for. We did so many things together for the 5 years at high school. She was like my guardian at most of the times. SMK Kajang Utama witnessed a lot of events that Chiam and I did together. We were classmates from form 1 till form 5. She was smart, very funny, hardworking, helpful, and she is always patient. I still remember the days when we played badminton together every weekends. She would waited for me at the bus stop, and I was always late, but she didn't even got angry with that. I still remember the days when we were always in a team when it comes to representing the school for intraschool competitions. Sometimes we won and we lost, but the joy came from the moment when we shared a lot of things together. We struggled together for every test and we were capable of getting the top spot at school. 

There are just so many memoirs of her that I have. How we struggle to make PBSM's marching team looks good last year couldn't be vanished. We always fight to do the best for the last year of high school last year. We always sat next to each other, she sat with me in all classes. We did presentations together, we sometimes walk to school together and went home together. I missed all those moments so much. I just can't imagine that the time we went to school for our hari kecemerlangan was the last time I had with her at that school. It was the last time I managed to see her throughout.Every time I viewed the pictures that I have with her, she appeared inside my mind. Last night while doing maths for the test, suddenly I reminisced how good she was at mathematics and so again I cried. She was the best in sudoku and every thing that got to do with numbers, which actually make our bond stronger. Now, SHE HAD GONE FOR EVER. T.T

During graduation last year: In memories, Chiam Win Nee. May your soul rest in peace darling. Go with grace,I will always love you.
I regret for not using the time I had wisely to spend with my best friend, at least for a stroll, at least for another badminton game at the quarters down the neighborhood. I also regret for not taking those opportunities in the past, to chat with her, to play online game with her like we always did or even to just be with her. Only if I know what have been stated, only if I know my best friend would die, I would just leave everything and attend her amendments. I now terribly miss her smiles, her jokes, all her passion for badminton and just everything about her. She was precious, and her lost was a such an enormous mourn for all of us who knew her. If she could see me, I want her to know that I miss her, and wanting her to come back. I want her to know that I am grateful to God for having her during high school years. She craved a lot of good memories for me, and I would like to thank her greatly for that. And as for this, bye Chiam my dear. You are always a good friend, I would always be by your side wherever you are. I will always remember you till the day the time for me to go like you comes.

>>>semalaman kukenangkan dirimu, mengalir air mataku membasahi pipi....tidakku duga ini semua terjadi....perpisahan antara kita<<<<

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