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Monday, 6 September 2010

Consternation and Disappointment

I bet everyone here, especially those who did friend with me in Facebook, already know what had happened to me lately. A death occurred in a sudden, without I expecting, and yeah, who would ever expect a death? Tru Calling perhaps can, but we as in reality? Could we feel if someone important to us would die like in a minute or two? one can in exact. But, I still do want to have that feeling. The feel, or the capability to save someone we love from death. Okay...I might have gone too far on this matter, sorry. I am just still in CONSTERNATION, a complete anxiety due to a sudden bad surprise. 

This afternoon, I viewed all the photos of Chiam's last journey on Earth. I saw her photo in the casket, before her body was been burnt. It made me burst into tears again. Just couldn't help it. However, no matter gallons of tears I rushed out from the tear glands, no matter how hard for me to accept her demise, it still happened. It is all history now. The moments I had with her are histories and the time we chatted, played and joking around, ended up to a permanent full stop. Life has to go on. My journey is still a long way to go InsyaAllah, but of course, Chiam always in my mind, the best friend I had. 

Thank you for all my friends who keep telling me to be strong.They, who are willing to "understand' and "support" me when I was almost tumble. I am a weak-hearted person. I ain't a strong person, as you can see from outside. I cried easily over the smallest matter and I could be crazy crying over matters as heavy as my best friend's demise.Thanks for making me strong, and thanks again for concerning over my condition, especially to their teachers from the school. They knew exactly how Chiam and I were close, were friends and companions. They knew how terrible I feel, and thanks for making me stand up again. :)

Now, I need to run over all the things that I need to complete. Studying and revising for the semester's final examination is the first thing I need to work out for. But, before that, I need to just be alive for this year soon-to-end Ramadan and upcoming Aidilfitri. It will another fun event, even though my niece Khayra won't be around in Klang. Tomorrow, I hope the plan to break fasting at Seremban with dear Presco mates will turn out alright. I miss them so much, and it will be fine, I pray. 

Oh. Seriously, asthma is freaking me out! I really hope my brother could heal by tomorrow. He was asthmatic, and I hope it doesn't return. I am just so worried about him since he looked tired and so weak during our meal just now. I hate to see my eccentric brother weak. I need him to be strong and manly as well as chicky like he always do. 

Alas, I hope days will turn out well. I hope I can forget the past easily and make them as memoirs as in chapters of my life. Life is never meant to be perfect, but it was meant to be beautifully imperfect. I learn one thing: Do Appreciate People around you. Once one of them is gone, you will finally realise, how regret you are for not appreciating him or her. Love is all the world need to keep on unite. Good night. Assalamualaikum.

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