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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A maid without being paid

yes, to just filling up the time for today, I did some cleaning spree to my beloved room. Seriously, there are so many books since form 3. I just do not know how to dispose all of them. The books were all blanketed with dust and they smelled weird. Eww..

I tore all the drawings that my sister and I put up on our wall since they looked childish for us now. However, that lead to a ruin wall, so probably I need to paint the wall anew. Maybe purple this time even though I still like the current yellow theme.

I took the whole day to vacuum the room which eventually making me to not noticing how fast the time flew. It was tiring indeed, but the result was satisfying enough. No more sleeping with dirty old bed mats and dusty room. Yay!!

I will post the picture later la.

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