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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday: No class

Tuesday, which is today, the 7th day of Ramadan, seeing me inside the dorm looking sluggish as I just woke up from a sleep peek-a-boo. Have a bad body ache and rashes all around the hands and legs. Why does this happens? 

It's a miracle to know that for now on, I might do not have to go to the campus, since there's no class on Tuesday. Yay! But, the joy ends quickly when I notice how boring it is to stay alone in the house, and the housemates are all out there, studying and rushing here and there. *Bunyi Cengkerik*

Opps. I have just realised, the day cannot be occupied with too much enjoyment and leisure when Physics tutorials haven't been completed and so does mathematics. Two subjects which are tough to be mastered by me. Before this, I thought I have good hands in numbers but for now, maybe I am not. *Sigh* 

Dina's housemate wanted me to teach her Physics on Torques, which I made a quick gulp of fear. I myself have hard time to master that chapter and now to teach someone else is like 'a crab teaching its kids to walk' right? I wonder why Dina keep thinking that I am good at Physics, because the truth is Physics still is like something that needed more attention and yeah, no more word can describe it rather than being 'DIFFICULT'. 

Now, even when the Internet connection is of the best speed, I can still feel bored, because everything I wanted to see in the web has been blocked by websense. Even when I wanna watch online tv, the videos keep buffering as if it doesn't want to play. I hate this. I am also waiting for a reply from Prof Ahmad, regarding a question I have doubt with. And, now nothing else I can do rather than typing while bleeds on this keyboard, just to show people here how frequent I am when it comes to updating the blog. At least, you people who kindly follow my blog, won't turned out to have question marks on where is the blogger, and at least you will know that I am still survive, and just live normally like normal kid should do. Am I making sense here?

Plus, if you wonder why I rarely put any photos of my endeavors lately, just note that I don't really have good photos to show you guys. Being at Puncak Alam is not as great as I always thought it would be. Being a university student, isn't as fun as I wanted it to be and being here, has nothing to do, what more during Ramadan. Here is a place of studying is like a journal of your life. Activities are of worst and non attractive, so what else can I say and what more can I do rather than live to the fullest, and just breath in and out while I can here, and finished off the 2 semesters before I can go further for another phase of my life. Till then, toodles!

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