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Sunday, 15 August 2010

She's a pioneer

Alhamdulillah, it is already 5 days of ramadan. Things are going just fine as always and busy as always. Thanks to God, for making life average, with nothing to worry about.

Puncak Alam, was making this irrelevant decision for having 2 hours lectures of mathematics on Sunday, which is today. Sunday could never be the day for hectic and tiring, and boredom, so I skipped mathematics lectures for today, even though I know I have missed so many things that were being taught. It is just I am bored of mathematics lectures. Haih:( That's why I came back home, to do my work at home. Home is my heart, the only place I can do things professionally. :D

Yesterday, after having a short shopping spree for baju raya at the stupid SACC MALL in Shah Alam, my family and I except for my brother who is still stuck at Saser, went to have our break fast at my usual aunt's house in Klang. SACC Mall is forever stupid and of course unreasonable for having boutiques that sold a piece of dress for at least RM 300. Can you imagine how a nightmare today is? Even for a piece of dress for hari raya we need at least RM500 to have one? I couldn't agree more of the word unreasonable. The dress was typical but the price was OH MY! Susah dah nak shopping kat Malaysia ni!! Yeah people. lets play thrifty. No need spending cash on irrelevant endeavors like baju raya, kasut raya, and name it. Save money for your future, is indeed better. Be wise.

Yeah, back to the point. Who is the pioneer mentioned in the title? Well, actually a cousin of mine, Kak Sarah has finally turned out to be the pioneer to study medicine in my family. Congrats to dear sis Sarah. She had run over with so many obstacles and now she finally made it to medical school. She already departs from Malaysia to Kalimantan, to study medicine in a university there. I forgot what it calls. After tough times in matriculation, she went for diploma in science for 3 years, and then after so many years she found her triumph. Yesterday, when she gave her farewell speech, I cried in side. She has been so strong despite all the ups and down. I wish I could be like her. Goodbye and all the best are two wishes I could give to her. She will be a doctor one day, and I hope the next person will be me. Amin:)

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