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Friday, 6 August 2010

Smile and Serenity

This whole week was awesomely tiring, due to the non-stop assignments and tutorials, and heavy topic of lectures. Final exam for semester one is looming, which will be held soon after our two weeks Eid holidays. I can't wait to finish the semester, and the next semester. Being an asasian, to be frank, is not significantly different that those in matriculation. For young readers, who will be sitting for SPM, grave it in mind, that, whether you choose asasi or matriculation after you complete your high school, it is still the same. Same work loads and same intense.

Physics is again mentioned in this blog. Why? Because it is a very good subject to be bragged about. The lecturer is forever hilarious, and the topics we learn are getting harder every day. The book is heavy and sometimes the more we refer to the book, the harder the subject be. Seriously, I will tear the book up into subtopics, so that it will be easier to bring along.

Bahjah Abdul Basir, a girl I know here, suddenly left UiTM for good. She is going to do medicine in Egypt under self-sponsorship. I will miss her badly, as how I missed other precious friends who left. She's funny and just know how to cheer up a day. On last Wednesday, she bid us farewell and she cried and we cried too! It is such a terrible lost, and I definitely hate it. Ah!

Friends from President College had their job done with foundation in science. Terrific! They are going to bid me Bon Voyage in a couple of months, to do medicine in Russia. I can't say anything rather than smile, waving them goodbye, glad that they completed it. Zaki is the luckiest person, who got the sponsorship from MARA even though he did the foundation himself. Congratulation Zaki, and a wise person shouldn't be disheartened for others' triumph. Now, I just could smile seeing his victory. 

When others might be as by far much more luckier than I am, and I am still here fighting among these ants of people to get a good spot, nothing more can I do except for study hard and work smarter. Mathematics are becoming annoying each day, after knowing that there won't be any formulas given during the exam, thus the brain needs to be upgraded. Huh! Dr Izyani whom gave a talk on Woman Dwi Kerjaya  this afternoon, said, the best time to be just for yourself is during your study period, during these college years, where you can train how to be a good manager in every aspect of your life. Once you are an adult, a matured woman, you will get married, working not as what you chose as a career, but at the same time, working as a housewife, a mother and not to mention a wife. "You must be capable of multitasking", said she who I can regard as a role model. She is a pHD graduate, in pharmaceutical field and won many awards for her research. I want to be like her one day, amin:)


Qubezo said...

Masya Allah. Good luck to you too. May He ease you with all your difficulties. Amin.

dayanaazhar:) said...

thanks naqib dearie. amin:)