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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ramadan as an 18 year old

Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow Ramadan will be arrived, the Holy Month to 'cleanse' ourselves from mountains of sins we committed either they be without realize or vice versa.

As for me, Ramadan this year is definitely a new experience, as a hosteler, with other than 2000 Muslims students here. I will be far from home sweet home and it is sad for not being able to fast at home, and go for Tarawih at the nearby Surau at my place in Kajang. 

Being in Puncak Alam, seriously needs perseverance and patience. The body must not be dehydrated and the mind has to be alert. Climbing the steps of stairs must be tiring, not to mention during the Ramadan. I hope I stay strong. 

Classes and lectures especially Mathematics and Physics which usually held in the late afternoon will surely be a bit of a trouble to catch up. The mind will be sleepy and easily lost focus, due to grumbling stomach and a massive headache. Allah is there for us. The only way to stay fresh is by reminding of HIM and keep reminding. HE certainly loves those who keep on thinking about him and keep on patient. Amin:)

Ira, my housemate yesterday, came to my room. She wanted to have sahur altogether at our room hall. She said it will be fun, and it's not a very big problem, unless someone could be pleased to wake every and each of us up during the midst of  morning. At night, after breaking fast, we would go for tarawih together at the far away Angsana Hall at the boys apartment. It gonna be fun:)

Ramadan Bazaar is held at the Padang Kawad, which I hope the stalls are many to accommodate thousands who will be shopping for food, otherwise it would be a hectic situations. I also hoping for more variation of food sold, since eating at Raflessia is now a bore. Sometimes, we make so many rounds at the stalls, and couldn't make any decision for dinner, how's pathetic, right?

For this Ramadan, we have to fast in terms of not eat nor drink, in terms of sight; for not be looking at haram sights and scenes, in term of controlling our lust and mind for nonsense satanic thoughts and also to fast in terms of our body language and the way we interact with others. May this Ramadan be blessed and I hope I can get Lailatul Qadr', amin...

the nikmat of break fast:)

Not to mention, Salam Ramadan to my dear friends in Intec, Naqib at MSU, Nina and Fahmi at KMB, Aida and Tammy at Kolej Teknologi Timur, Rina and Najihah at UiTM, Mimi at Perak, Dinie at KMS, Huda at MMU, those President College Friends and others who I know and have known. 

Do good deeds during ramadan and keep istiqamah:)  

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