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Monday, 9 August 2010

Leaving behind

Today, two other friends left for good. They entered the newly formed group called J1. The persons I mentioned were Calvin and Balqis Isa. Seriously, I will miss Calvin and Balqis like crazy after these. Why they had to leave after Dinie and Bahjah? Just becoming frustrating.

 The four of us, Calvin, Balqis, Dina and I went to take a look at the J1's schedule. To be frank, I love the schedule since the classes are all packed in the morning, thus making evening with no lectures whatsoever. I need that, on second thought. I wanted to join the J1 group too. However, I feel a slight disheartened since I have many friends in the B1 group, but with Calvin leaving, it is such a lost. Terrible one. All these whiles, I depended on Calvin when it comes to meeting the lecturers personally, he also who made me feel more hardworking, and have that high spirit to continue striving here. Now, he's gone, how great!

Even if I made my mind to change group, Dr Rozana won't be taking or consider any appeal for now. She said, the group J1, is fully occupied now. Haih T.T

Why is it have to be like this? During in Presco, I was told to change into J3, even though I wanted to be in the same class as with Fahmi who was in J2. Now, here at UiTM, people I am close to keep leaving me behind for their own sake of goodness, but why those I love to be with?

For once, I just wanna know how it feels to leave people behind. Just wanna know how people will be disheartened of my disappearance. For once, I really want to have that feeling. Seriously, I am tired being left out, I want to leave....

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