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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What is on my mind?

Like always, being hungry and thirsty make you feel so exhausted and sleepy. Yawning...and while reading and revising for tomorrow's quizzes, I got myself in front of the lappy to take a look at some blogs I followed. Merely, most of them wrote about kad raya, about their activities, about sahur and etc. I just missed, I mean tremendously missing my friends' blogs. Too bad, they're just too busy to update theirs. When can I be as forgetful as they are, and rather would somehow, just leave the blog sphere for eternal, without a trace? Maybe one fine day I will...

Just two more weeks before the semester break for Hari Raya, and all of us at the Foundation Center of UiTM Puncak Alam have been fully occupied with quizzes. Next week, tests will be held. I am so damn worried on mathematics and physics, which have been the least I can master and do well. I am lost in mathematics and so does Physics, but I couldn't take a grip to start revising. Just not in the mood and how bad this is for me, only I can tell.

Yesterday was just horrid. My sandals suddenly "putus" on the way to the praying hall. How embarrassing I was yesterday, to walk with bare feet. At 11 p.m, I went to Rafflesia Hall, where there's a discussion for TOMORROW'S biology presentation. To be frank, the horrible part was, we cannot be creative, we didn't put as much wonderful ideas to make tomorrow's a "good" presentation on how enzyme works. At last, in the end, all I can summed up was that, we had wasted so much time on that particular 10 minutes presentation, which made us slept at around 2.00 a.m in the morning. T-T

Whats on my mind right now, is to just keep on track on memorising this Cellular Respiration's cycles, on glycolysis, Kreb's cycle and Electron Transport chains even though I encountered these before during Presco moment. I just hate to start all over again, and nothing I can do to just stop hating it. *Haih* Sometimes I wonder why, the results I obtained from President College would not be recognized by the local universities, since what I am studying here is exactly like what I studied in the college itself. It's like wasting time for two things which are completely similar.

I also wondering on whether I would send Kad Raya to my friends this time round. Last year, my dad said it's lame to do so, since we have digital cards and e-cards. I would like the traditional way to just keep on alive, sending kad raya, eating ketupat and not nasi impit and so many things the traditional way.

Send me your address, so that I can give you kad raya:)

 to  waiting a reply from my readers.

p/s: boys at Puncak Alam are intelligent but snobbish. I smiled and they ignored. whateverbiglosers.

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Azhani Azizi said...

HEHE, orang tua smile at me I smile balik.

but kalau orang muda, depends >.<
malu laaaa~