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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Have Faith

A man name Gerald is about to climb a mountain. He wants to do it all alone. He wants to crave a history, for being the first French man to have conquered the mountain solo. The mountain was said to be a hazard for all climbers. Many of them never return, and so the mountain was called "Deadly Peak". Gerald's friends told him that he won't make it to the peak and they also concern about the whole act. Some of his climbers friends were willing to follow him, but he was reluctant to be accompanied. And, so he did. All alone, climbing the Deadly Peak.

It was cold and dark. But, Gerald was stubborn to stop. He wanted to reach the peak as fast as he could. To crave a history, is all he has bearing in his mind. His legs were shaking, he felt swelled on his cheeks but he did not stop. A couple of hours later, he finally made it to the peak. The sky was dark and all cloudy, no stars appeared to bring light. He screamed of joy even though his voice of triumph was unheard. Suddenly, a rush strong cold wind blew hard over his body. He lost balanced and fell down of the peak.

"GOD, help!!!!" He screamed.

He was lucky as he could take a grasped on a big stem. But he could not hold on for long. To his shock, a loud-voice appeared from nowhere. The sky turned very dark and lightning thundered several times.

"Gerald! Do not hold on! Just fall! You will save" said the unknown voice.

"Are you God? Save me!" pledge Gerald, crying and shivering.

" Just let go!" said the unknown voice.

" I am afraid! I won't let go. I won't" said Gerald, stubbornly. 

And thunders bolting hard on the sky. Soon it rained, till morning say hi. Days later, the police were looking for Gerald, after days of his disappearance. Everyone at home was worried. His family was informed that he's dead. His frosted body was found hanging tightly to the big stem. And, he was just hung 4 feet above the ground! People at town, was in grief, knowing that if only Gerald just let go of the branch, he would have been saved and might be smiling of his victory. But, sadly, he has no FAITH. When, faith is fragile, we all will be ruined. If only if he had faith. God wanted to give him a chance to live, but he disbelieved and now he's gone forever. 

As Gerald's passed away, the mountain is keep on been consoled as the Deathly Peak. No one ever returns and so did Gerald. His journey was a triumph for many of his friends, but a waste for him.

P/S: Strengthen your faith towards the Creator and so you will never lead astray.

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