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Sunday, 22 August 2010

I have life, life just booing me

Life now means study. Gosh, how I hate this word which start with an S.

Life is not about korean movies, korean actors or actress, not about Wondergirls, Girls Generation and anything about korean. I lost interest in them.

Life is all about being a better person in order to ought the best place by Allah's side. We originated from HIM and we shall return to HIM on one fine day.

Life is all about being good, and preventing ourselves from being bad.

Life is forever about patience, patience in dealing with events that are somehow or rather might be tests from ALLAH.

Life is all about being in love. In love with ourselves, in love with friends around us, with the scenes surrounds us, so that the day glows and bring smiles on the faces.

Life is great and rewarding if people keen on giving rather than asking for things. Sharing is caring, and caring is loving.

Life is rejoicing to the fullest when we can do what we like and desire. To have a career that we have passion for, and to have activities that we enjoy at doing, bring an enormous effect on our souls.

Life is not because to eat, but keep on surviving until the Death comes and pull you away. That's why life has to be filled with compulsory preparation so that when Death comes, there's no feeling of guilt and sadness. 

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