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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Easier said, than reality

Dr Pagal is the most popular doctor nowadays in the cyber world. His articles complain and mocking about the real scenario of Malaysia's health care system. I understand how he is being sane to care about the matters that patients would be killed by upcoming low specialized doctors. I also have this goosebumps when reading the matter on private hospitals. When working at private, you are not bonded and not straight away being gazetted as the hospital's practitioner thus can make you lotsa cash but it depends on how many patients you are treating and how much you charge for your service. It is just merely like you rent a room in that hospital and everything must be done on your own.

This again made me give a long sigh. Why oh why? The reality is superbly bitter but at least I know the truth now. Back to the point I am gonna brag, about last week, the Director of MMC and some of the MMC officers who are also doctors, came to visit us, at USM KLE. I was like WOHA! Super WOHA! When they just sat about less than 2 meters in front of me. (I am a front bencher, so yeah :p) 

Mainly, to start up with, their objective is to see whether USM KLE medical school can equip our next junior students, which will inshaAllah be 100 in number. I must say that, the staves did quite a good job in ensuring the campus looks good from roof to floor. Even the musical fountain was beautifully turned on. Anyhow, they also came to ask us randomly, on our progression. Like how the studies went on, how we manage to fit in into the community, how's the food and what have we studies, plus one cepumas question on how does the integrated curiculum works. Well, I must say, up till now, I myself, quiet have this zero understanding on that curiculum. Lol.

I think most of us, or those lucky ones who had been asked, were giving basic, expected answers to the questions like 'Yeah, we are doing incredibly fine here, The lecturers are good, the food is nice, adaptable and etc...only one guy who was asked on anatomy and a bit on the integrated curicullum thingy was unexpected. I bet the officers and the director had already assumed what we are going to answer. Haha.

Just that, during interacting session, the MMC gave us a slight highlight of how it works to work in the government. Before this, I knew it's 2 years housemanship, than another 4 years of MO, but then they said, it's one year for housemanship? For real? About postgraduate (PG), two ways how it works, firstly, after completing housemanship, would only then the fresh graduates are now assigned as true doctors. They can apply for either options: 1. to bond with government for 7 years after completing PG, on conditioned, obtain the scholarship from the government as well as the wage/payment or gaji as an MO. And second option is that one could apply for a PG scheme, with no bound and no scholarship, but wage/payment still runs, and pay school fees with that money. I forgot the other option, I mean the without payment scheme.

Well, it seems and heard so simple from their mouths. With doctors are about to glut, or already glutting, a place to do specialization is no way as simple as that. One must have good reputation in their housemanship, good skills and etc. It is just like entering another medical school again, where you have to go all out or be all out just to specialize in a particular field. Plus, with numerous rivalries, no one can ensure that one doctor could go for the specialization he or she really wants to go for. It's luck again playing on the doctors.

As for me, I just think that everything is depending on the future that Allah holds. Who knows we really need more doctors in the future. Things can change. Prediction is just predictions. And plus, now that I am here, it's a no way out for me to turn back. We are now considered baby doctors in the making to grow. Even first year is hard enough, what not the other years to come. But this is life like I wanted before, so I am living with it. I also asked some questions, regarding working in a refugee camp and also on the posting to Borneo. MMC told me that those who are posted to the Borneo are put under priority for PG scholarships. They also said we are too young/too fragile to ask about working in a refugee camps as well as going for PG. Maybe because we haven't finished our first year? Probably...

Anyhow, it was a pleasure having them around all the way from Malaysia. Hope that everything goes on smoothly for this offshore campus to be on the map and for everyone to start noticing. 

>>p/s: Perfectly fine means so many things to endeavour. This is what we call the medical world of misery<<

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