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Thursday, 3 November 2011


Thanks Allah for the comfort you pour on me and my other 82 friends plus 44 seniors. Living within this fantastic building is luxury. We can't even get this in Malaysia for the truth sake. Unfortunately, this would be temporary. All USM KLE students have to move out from this strategic place to the new, 5 star hostel complex which is still under renovation.

But some of my friends and I have visited the new hostel. Rumours have it that we can move to that building in a month. However, that would be super impossible because there are tonnes more to be completed by the contractors and engineers to make it safe for us to sleep in that hostels. 

Knowing that I will leave this beautiful and comfortable room, make me feel somehow sad again. No more beautiful scenery, no more big balcony and super great interiors. Bye-bye NRI hostel....

>>P/S: feeling like a dwarf here at USMKLE. these colleagues of mine are so talented, so brilliant, how can I be on the stage's center...?<<

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arif_sahimin said...

cantik giler hostel korg.. O_o