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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Anatomy is FUN!

Assalamualaikum people !

Just feel a little better after feeling some sickness because the broadband turned into berukband. Luckily, after some persuasive actions done to Sachin, a worker at Tata Docomo, I finally can use this berukband to go online. And to live in India, patience would be your greatest alliance.

Buying broadband after a month here is a must since wireless connection is no way to access. Moreover, living on the highest floor, despite having this beautiful scenery outside the window and a big balcony, I face problems to have good connection, whether it is phone line or Internet.

Scratch that by the way. What I am gonna brag about is on anatomy. Bought two thick books of anatomy atlas. I am in love with one of the book from Thieme which also comes with this amazing helpful flashcard and makes anatomy on the go! And what made me please living here, is that the medical books can be bought at a much cheaper rate compared to Malaysia. I have been telling about that a lot of times in this blog but that's the reasons why we here at USM KLE has no reason to fail. Speaking about failure, I am so freaking scared when to note that First Selanjar is looming in two more weeks. 

burning the midnight oil with Thieme!

say hi to your long and short head of braceps brachii

Currently, what I can remember is those shoulder girdles anatomical terms. The scapula and clavicle are the common ones, then we need to know all the processes and which part is the sternal and acromial part as for clavicle. Subclavius groove, attachment for the trapezius, sternocleidomastoid muscles, the costoclavicular ligaments, the corocoid and the acromion processes and the various other muscles that help in abduction and adduction and more anatomical terms which will make one first year medical student feels on the air when he or she already know most of the terms without realising we have more to learn, the lower limbs, the skull and  list goes on.

tak pernah kubayang pentingnya seni....

Dissection class is certainly priceless when you have a good lecturer cum guidance to lead you through all those wet, formalin-soaked muscles and nerves and arteries. Going layer by layer, it is intriguing to know how Allah has made human into its best formation. To differentiate between arteries and nerves are quite difficult for me. Adding to the fact that, I cannot remember which nerves belongs to which cords. And every muscle has its own nerve and blood supply. One thing I can laugh about is to see how the boys in my dissection group who looks absolutely terrified because we are the only group handling a female cadaver. But, it's scary to see how amazing their heads are when it comes to remember all the parts. As for me, anatomy is like what a lot of lecturers said, it is a VOLATILE subject. In a minute, it is as if you know almost everything you learned. Once you wake up the next day, you can't even recall one of the muscles. O Allah! The MOST MERCIFUL, please give me the power of good memory.

One man selling ABC....dare to try?

Selamat Tinggal Tuan Nordin, merangkap cikgu BM paling cool dan paling penyabar:)
Also today marks the end of BM class after several holidays been occupied with it. To be frank, BM class is boring, but I start to miss Tuan Nordin already. For the last class, we had this essay test, to write a complete essay of 500-600 words. I by eccentrically, wrote about 1000 words and I hope he oversees it. See you again Tuan Nordin. In Malaysia that is. And please don't make me repeat the class next year:(

Plus, there is no reason to fail because almost every week, there will be another demonstration in the lab on the anatomical parts one has learned here. Laboratory installed with almost 20 LCD Sony TV is another benefits students at USM-KLE will get to feel. There's no need to slide in crowds of people to see how the demonstrations by the lecturers held in front. One can just sit and relax while watching the boring demo on the TV screen. Trust me when I said, most of the times, students will only go snoozing and let the TV watch them.

Thus, till here will I write for this time round. I am glad to have Internet back. Looking forward for another 'active' post even though I need more time to revise. But what can I conclude here is that, it feels nice learning anatomy because I feel more like a medical student. Biochemistry will only explode my head out and physiology is what I always love since Premed. 

>>P/S: Getting bored with the food here. I wanna drink fresh juices!!....and I think cooking in the hostel is totally tiresome<<

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