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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Throw Dirt on my own face

Today, Belgaum is freezing cold. And cold without snow seems empty....but I know that snow isn't something to be happy about. I am in love with this climate! Every time, I go outside, to the man made park near the library, it feels so soothing. How bless am I to be sent here? This is certainly priceless.
jamuan raya terbaik!

among the cadavers we have here

Fireworks mania was our main activity last night. What to expect when Diwali appears? I can only tell last night was happening, and the food was okay even though I almost throw up, but adapting is something we humans must try to do.
saje nak tunjuk kain cantik kat india LOL

To some extend, fun is fun, but work is still work. Being a medical student is like we are not students, but are doctors in the training. Therefore, as USM student, I have to bear with all its requirement to score or to over through this route with extended BM classes from morn and continues till 5 pm even though today is meant for Diwali holiday. And to not disheartened the very kind Tuan Nordin for flying far away from Kubang Kerian to Belgaum, we still push ourselves to attend these classes. 

Got forum to be done. Still, the progress is still off. Due to Bangalore trip for the convention last week, I missed two important lectures and one dissection class. It feels so sad of not being able to cover those missing lectures since I have no spare time. What a mess have I done.

However, I am glad to finish up Histological drawings. YEY....and now more works is piling up...let's start doing them!

>>p/s: condolences to USMKLE's Student President, Mohd Fauzie or Pojie for the loss of his beloved father. Al Fatihah<<


Calvin Charles said...

Keep on posting Dina, ur there! Love it!

fawz@n said...

woha nak kirim kain! :D

dayanaazhar:) said...

boleh je nak sari ahhahaha