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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Loner Ranger

Yes. I am a lonely ranger. A loner ranger. Oh man. Today is the most hiatus and the most kiasu day I have ever  accounted. Woke up in the late morning. Gushing to the bathroom. Subuh. Then, went to other girls' room next to my room. Asked and chatted about their trip to mumbai. Nothing really. Hearing experiences is not similar to FEEL the experience.

Returned to the room. Roommate was happily reading a novel on Gelak Tergolek whilst laughing and rolling on her bed. I switched on the laptop. Went online. Gahhh...another boredom. Nothing to look through. No interesting wall posts, no interesting blog posts. 

Hmmmph. Continue with Chaurasia. Reading on axillary artery. Boredom. How can we learn anatomy through merely words and long sentences? Arghhh. Thus, by 10, I saw my bed. It was calling me. Hence, I fell deep asleep. 

Waking up again. Thanking god for waking up not to miss Zuhur. After prayers, went to the pantry, make my instant macaroni and cheese which cost me around RM1. Sadly though, with no cooker, and with just plain hot water, macaroni and cheese turned awful. And that what I ate. at my mug full of ants...after drinking some minute maid orange juice. What a life! 

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