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Thursday, 24 November 2011

The harsh prep

Fine. It's only Selanjar 1 babe, but I am exhausted already. Maybe there isn't much time to have for myself, enough time to rejuvenate or no time to go freshen up the mind. One word: Tiresome.

This is what you call it the cruelty of being a medical student, even though I am just a mere first year for God sake. I am under knowledgeable, and very perishable. I need guidance, yet I feel so alone, even though every time I mingled a lot with my room mate. She's the only person I can trust, I feel comfortable with in anyway but somehow I need more companions, like a group of friends, similar to what I had before while in UiTM. Sadly, it just feels lonely here. Haih.

More companion means a better study surrounding will I have. With 4 blocks to cover in just this short period of study week, I will go insane. If there were more people who I can discuss with, the faster will my prep goes. But this is not the case, unfortunately. I made notes, but then it became too slow to cover 3 topics in one night. Plus, to make things worst, I can only study at night. I will only sleep in the afternoon :'(

Luckily, the lecturers here worked hard to make us in the mind set of examination where we have end block test at the very end of each block we learned. It is conducted in a similar way to the real Selanjar/Continuous Assessment, and USM KK doesn't have this kind of act. Plus, lately we had this Mock SSA (Spot Slide Assessment) where various slides are put in the Sony TV and we have to identify all the blanks on them. No one scored good in the mock test, except for this one Chinese friend, named Gan. Jelly moment was there :P

But too much prep make this head heavier. Just today, half of us were needed to do the spot histo slide identification test.There were more than 40 slides and we have to identify what is each of them, each given 1 minute and a half. It was crazy!! I can only identify skin (thick and thin). Arghhh

Things aren't gone right either. The lunch and dinner at Mess tasted worse day to day. We ate chicken, but it taste like puke most of the time. I am bored with the food already. Plus, tomorrow, our deputy dean who kindly enough to stay alone here, to accompany us at USM KLE, will conduct a revision class at his house. This is again one of the many benefit of being the student of USMKLE. (BANGGA 2X)

>>p/s: Till then. I am not in a good mood. Study is the only 'expertise' I have. Unfortunately, I kind of loosing the tract. Ya Allah, bring me peace and strength.<<

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