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Monday, 21 November 2011

The first battle is looming

Selanjar One as they called it. Don't know why it is that way. But it simply tells us, me exactly, that the first assessment, an important one is going to be conducted next week. Hooray! 

Finished the musculoskeletal block. Not everything comes right to the memory box. Even though, at a glance, I am sure I know exactly where is Sartorius and Piriformis, but then I always mixed up between many other muscles. Every fossa we have to remember, the cubital and popliteal. Also the nerves and arteries come in between. Thank god that we are not being emphasised on the facial muscles and their nerves. If not sure, I become a zombie.

Not just the fossae, but then comes the joints, elbow and knee joints. Screwed if the muscles we can't remember. But sometimes, the diagram or the illustration is so confusing. And yes, it's medicine, so why am I complaining. It should be well understood, that human body is confusing. What we see in atlas is not the similar thing we see in the dissected cadaver.

I like learning on the abdomen. Just last week I now knew that to treat inguinal hernia, for the direct case of inguinal hernia, which you can see there's like one pouch protruding on the lower abdomen. It's not by cutting, or removing the whole hernia. Professor KO, the eldest professor for anatomy told me, we have to somehow push the hernia so that it can fit again into the abdomen. If we cut it, we are actually messing with the abdomen and creating a hole. Just imagine your abdomen is punctured? Yeah it would be like that. Woha! (Sorry for my ignorance)

Anyhow, on last Friday, the end block assessment was held. The whole second batch was seated at the exam hall and made it feels like already the final exam. The questions were confusing, tough, tiring, tricky and you named it. For biochemistry, mostly would just say, OH SHOOT WHAT IS THIS??! Same goes to me eventually :'(

and I want to graduate so badly. amin..

Okay. So I almost spent half of the day going to and fro and haven't start the real revision. OH NO!

>>pray for me, and I'll pray hard for myself. I must not fail this. I will give my best. YEAH"!<<

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