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Saturday, 26 November 2011

2 months and miscellaneous

Assalamualaikum :)

It's 11 a.m and I haven't start revising what I planned to revise last night. My room mate said that it's impossible to cover everything since we only have like 2 days left to burn the midnight chill. She gonna do spotting questions. But, spotting only helps during the secondary education days. Sigh.

The route to the beautiful mini forest :3

Anyhow, it's enjoyable to see how these trees swaying following the rhythm of the chilling wind that blown all over Nehru Nagar, Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Yes people, I am not living in the suburban place like Bangalore. I am living on a state which is already blending in my blood and I enjoy adapting to the places. Sadly, I haven't had this good Hindi proficiency yet, which is quite troublesome when we go shopping. Even the Kannada dialect is also a tough one to get through. Still, I missed learning Ruskee. And I feel Ruskee is easier even though we need to memorize all the Crylic letters. 

Capati and chicken. Common lunch :3

I am happy to announce that it's winter now. It's so chilling but according to the seniors last year's is more chilling. However, I am happy enough to not to sweat. This conducive surrounding let me be study well and sleep soundly like a baby. How blessed I am to be sent here. Nikmat :)

the ultimate chicken cheese sandwich at 45 rupee 

2 months have I stand on this Belgaum land. A place where I never had expected to come, what not to study. But I am loving it. I like talking and chit chatting with the manager at our cafe down the hostel. His name is Umesh, who is so friendly, and he's currently taking his Master degree in Sociology. Another manager was here, named Firdhous, a Muslim Lady. But now she quited and joined a school as a teacher. Miss her though.
the biochemistry

Selanjar One denotes the first battle as in my previous post. 50 minutes for short essay question, 1 hour for 40 true false questions and 1 hour for slide spot assessment. But there are three big important topics to cover. The irony of being in medical school, but this is the challenge, and I am loving it too. Why is the duration so short? Because doctors aren't supposed to have a long time to think and making decision. They had the shortest limit of time to do all the best they can according to their professionalism and intelligence. 

planning to travel after selanjar. InsyaAllah

Hearing many seniors failed this first battle somehow terrifies the heck out of me. However, with all the harsh preps like what I posted earlier, InsyAALLAH everything will be fine :) Let's pray together:)

My Mom's note on the upcoming exam:

companions. most of the time. literally
1. Recite Al Fatihah 7x
2. Selawat Nabi 7 x
3. SubhanALLAH 44 x
5. Ya Hoyyu Qayyum 21 x
Je Pun la sangat.

>>p/s: - ‎"Maka, apabila kamu telah membulatkan tekad (berusaha), maka bertawakkallah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai orang-orang yang bertawakkal" (3:159) - Just a sharing thought. May Allah ease everything for us, InsyAllah :) - lovely thought  from friend and sis Adibah Rahman USM-KLE <<

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