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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Its A Fate

How come its so hard to see the person we like for just a glance?

-Its my destiny. I waited, then it rained heavily, and it is the end of the story

Why is my brain do not function properly?

-Been eating too much, kot? Or perhaps, this is what people call 'amnesia' or maybe my brain's neuron cells are invaded by those dangerous pathogens.

How come I didnt get 100 % in the easiest paper of mathematics??

-Christina got 100%. Do I care??? NO!!~Just wanna to brag about it. {But, on 2nd thought, its sad for not being one of the person who gain the attention and shiny eyes as we obtain something great, right?}

I have friends do I? Or maybe I am the one who dont want to be friends with them?

-Yeah that might be true. I am a smug all this while. And arrogant. And snobbish, a stuck-up, and what else?? List it down and sent to me.

Am I ready for Majlis Tilawah Al Quran?

-Ah? Not really...I kept forgetting things lately..

Why cant I slim down?

-Genetic. But I cant blame genetic, coz my family members are slender except me. I am totally a black sheep, aint I?

Do I really sure to take account in spm?

-Emm..Got to learn more, I mean revise more. Pecah otak:(

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u'r sweetest like honey friend: mArYAm said...

hey..what's that all gloomy scene back there? RELAX..maybe your 'dark day' always show itself but you must keep this thing in mind;someone's watching over you...and that is ALLAH...and maybe me myself..huhu...okay, cloud on top of Dena head, hush!hush!move menyemak...('U')(>u<)