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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Eishin Gakuen made a visit...

Like I announced earlier, 292 students all the way from Eishin Gakuen made a one day visit to my school. I can say that all the teachers were burning the midnight oil to make the event a great one. Well, it was supposed to be a great one, unfortunately some of the plans didn't came out to be as expected.

I was a bit disappointed as I wasn't selected as among the students who can be in pairing with the Japanese kids. My brother was selected, he got 2 Japanese friends and so did the others from his class apparently only Amanah and Amal's students were allowed to participate. Cikgu Dzul then explained why we (my classmates and I) didn't get the opportunity to be with pairing part, so after those explanations we understood that they just want to enhance the juniors' communicating skills.

Those whom involved with the pairing part, got presents from the Japanese students. I must admit, that those Japanese kids are very friendly but too bad they are so bad in English. Oh, I forgot one thing, actually I was involved as the 'Flag Card' holder, well my job was the same as a tourist guide, quite fun actually. Its so hard when it went to the game section. The girls needed to play a game called TING-TING. I mean I was sweating explaining how to play that game to the Japanese as they couldn't understand much to what I was saying. But, above all, they are sporting. Got some pictures, I will be posting them down later....(Kesian Ashraf tak dapat join =P)

Then the day ended with a heavy rain. The Japanese liked the rain, they said it never rained like that in their country. The day ended in the school hall, apparently only the Japanese kids are allowed to enter to see the dikir barat and Kendo performance as the hall could not occupied such large numbers of people. So, we had to say goodbye to our Japanese friends. Luckily we managed to enter the hall at last via the back door. Hahaha:)

So, there was this Japanese guy named Ishioka or IShioko (I forgot). He was damn cute:) Almost like the one whom starred in the Waterboy series. Everyone (mostly girls) gathered around him and treated him like a superstar. Even Pn Azlina took picture with him:) Well he did look like a superstar. I, myself, took a picture with him and so did Chiam. I did feel a bit dumb but on second thought it was nothing, just to play around and have some fun.

In class, we were envying the boys. The boys from my class got the opportunity to be with the Japanese kids but the girls, too sad to tell about us here. They got gifts from their Japanese friends, like toys, cool handkerchief, chopsticks and bla2, too many to jot down. Ah, they were just so lucky...

Yeah thats all about the cultural exchange programme.


Ashraf said...

Sorry you couldn't mingle with them as much as ur lil' bro...

Anonymous said...

how cool it was!
japanese kids made a visit..
awesome programme..

sweetest thing in the world; mAryAm said...

hey! how come our school had turn so awesome? hahaha... hey i wanna take a look of the pics!! (totally jealous)where did you put it? myspace?reply a.s.a.p.!!!!