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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tell me something cool

I don't know why , but my days seem boring and boring and it came again, the boredom. Yesterday, I did Solat Istikharah just to get some "petunjuk" or "light" that Allah could give me, on the biggest DILEMMA for the year, either wanna take accounting or not for SPM.

To tell the truth, I haven't get that point or light yet. I just waiting hope it came by tonight because, the decision has to be made by tomorrow morning. Well, what did I really do for my one week school holidays. Like always nothing peculiar or adventurous. I just wish I were more energetic and fun and outstanding so that I can do peculiar things. Hahaha:D Hoping that high huh?? Well, too bad hope is hope. No need to be Si Luncai.

Today, my mom canceled the plan to go to Hot Balloon Riding, to visiting The Bird's Park in KL. Well, actually it was my sister's idea. Let me tell you that I have no fond of birds, I am just not the lover of the Earth's treasures. Of course I did took few pictures and no need to post them down here.

I just realise that some of my so called friends don't really need me. I hate myself for meeting them in the first place. My best friends are just those over the cyber life, whom helped me a lot for the past months with my problems. My real-life friends, just like to take me for granted. That what I feel. Whateverla. Maybe I am not born to be having a good social life. Even my communicating skills are damn bad, no wonder I never got phone calls from any of my friends.


Ashraf said...

It would certainly be a big plus. Even engineering student take up accounting kat IPT. Just make sure you are confident that you can handle it is all.

Anonymous said...

hye Dena~

fyi, solat istikharah tu

lebey kurang 2minggu lps tu baru Allah bagi petnjuk or mybe lagi lame kowt

so, be patient kayh? ;)