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Friday, 27 March 2009

Some Tasks are completed;D

Well I must say that I am relieved when some of the tasks at school have been completed. It was first about the Forum on Pelestarian Alam Sekitar, which had been done yesterday. It was fun, the teacher said she can already see who can go to represent the school at the zone level next month. I think it will not be me. Hahaha.

The physics' practical papers have been completed too, well I did took a month just to finish three practicals on Physics. The major problem right now, is my account class. The teacher seemed damn busy this week, because she is involved in the Hari Anugerah preparation. Guess what!? There's a new boy in class, and he is Nasrul. Let me brag some things about him.

He was my classmate and a friend years back, when we were standard six. Well, he is a smart person, and went to some boarding school. Now, he's here, and I have no idea what brought him back. He looks just the same, but just pimples make him look rather peculiar? Perhaps...

For the exam, I got 9A's. But I must say only severals are A1. But, what do I care??? They aren't that important, as what came out were only those in the first and second chapters. Duh T-T
This time I really salute Irwan, whom has really emerge himself to the top. His marks were amazing. I must say that he is a hardworking person, or if not mistaken he is the most HARDWORKING boy in class. Congrats Irwan!~

Even though some of my friends are already trying to surpass me, what can i say? Life is like a rolling wheel. Sometimes we are at the top and sometimes it's just our luck to be at the bottom. I accept that as a fact of life in this mortal world.

Oh great! It's time for class. See ya again some other time!

And tomorrow, please do SUPPORT EARTH HOUR!!~ Just switch off the lights for AN HOUR!!` A simple task we can do to save the universe! YEah baby;D


My Yesterday! said...

btw thx 4 da compliment..;)

Qubezo said...

Congrats for you good results. Maybe it's true life is not always on the top. I must also learn how to fail, as the saying goes dare to fail. :)