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Saturday, 21 March 2009

A Total Meltdown;C

I am so frustrated as I could no longer be able to bring my school to somecalled international level via entering the World Math Day 2009. If only I had knew it earlier, I must have registered my school in it.

I've been trying to open the web since two days ago after I read about it in my forum of Well, I was becoming eccentric and overjoyed when I knew it is a competition. However everything went out unsmoothly when the page could not be loaded, as there were just so many people around the globe whom were using the page.

Just now, I managed to download the page with ease for the first time. I quickly when to the registration button, and the total meltdown just had happened to me. THE REGISTRATION HAS BEEN CLOSED!!! Plus the winner had already been anounced. The winner was some girl from Australia. One of our student, from Dalat International School WON THE 9TH PLACE. COOL!!` And, dont mention the prizes. They are just as awesome as NOBEL Prize. Huaaa~~~ Trust me, I am crying=.=

So back in school this monday, I will be informing my math teacher, to register our school as the player, well of course for next year, which mean I am not going to be with them. So, nevermind, things had just passed, maybe not my luck. Poor me, right??

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