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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My Day of Turning 16?

Morning everyone!! Hahaha!:) What a pleasant suprise for being able to live in this world again and being online just to post a braking news about my birthday. Yes people. My birthday falls on the 3rd June every year. And it is the same as the no2 tennis player Rafael Nadal from Spain. Hahah:)

I am so grateful to Allah Almighty because HE has given me my 16th live today. There're reasons why HE did this. Everything happens under reasons. Ok, I have a list of people who are my bestest pals for wishing me happy birthday. Let see, who's the ealybirds and those who late bums.

The fastest among all is my dearest friend from Sekolah Al Masyoor for boys (Penang), the only one Fahmi Faisal. He wished me happy birthday exatcly at 12 am. Sweet!! He promised to buy me a kain batik from Kelantan, coz he is now in Kelantan with his dad. The second is my loveable senior and my favourite commander of all, Hamizah Johan who is now studying in MRSM Kuantan. I didnt expect her to be remembering my big day. And last night, we kept sending sms like rocks!! Hahaha:) At least its not so dull. The third was Naqib or better known as Qubezo who is one of the members from Malakat92 (my forum). He thought he would be the first, poor him. But its so sweet of him to wish me though.

Ok, who else, this morning, I meant just now, I got some offline messages. And some of them are from Azeem, who is currently busy preparing for SPM. He wished me happy birthday and sigh for almost being old?? haizz....and then I also got the fifth message wishing me happy birthday from akeem the co-founder of malakat92. Great!! He is nice. And the 6th will be my whole-life-hearted buddy who is also my classmate since I was in grade 5, nonetheless, Nurul Huda Abd Razak, she sent me an ecard. Nice ecard babe! And last but not least the 7th person would be Faisal Amir, who is also a forumer from Malakat 92. Most of them are boys aik?? Where the heck are my Girlfriends?? HOw could them.....???:(

My families? I dont know what happen to them, I think they have forgotten allabout my birthday. None of them even spend their 2 seconds of wishing me happy birthday, not even my mom. Haizz...what a 'great' family...and what do I get as gifts? Nothing, the important part is getting friends and families to remember our birthday. Thats all.

Until then, see ya again....
here's a song for me...

happy birthday to you,
I went to the zoo,
I saw a monkey,
and I know it wasnt meeee!!

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